Monday, December 28, 2015

The GODDESS Movement!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Goddess Movement

I'm kicking off a brand new movement that I'm calling #becausemyGODDESSshinessobright mostly on Instagram! Run on over there and find me at IAMJOURNEYGURL and look for the hashtag above. Share some of your own reasons why you are a goddess and why YOUR goddess within shines so bright. This movement is intended to celebrate women worldwide and encourage us all to embrace our inner goddesses. Self love is the name of the game here. So let's get to it! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Good Mourning

I title this the way I did not because I'm in mourning. There's a song by the incomparable India Arie by the same name. Loving it and it feels appropriate for my feelings tonight. 

Spending the week offline. Completely cleansing of social media for the week in hopes of reinvigorating my creative juices, and awakening what makes me most alive; my journey. I'm not even offline and I miss it. Some things are really needing a reboot....other things are simply requiring my undivided attention. I'm about to be obedient to my spirit and give it what it is crying out for. Change is gonna happen. Change is hope. ✌🏻️💜😏

This brief hiatus will allow me so much free time to focus on the important task of building, creating, manifesting all the things that I have intentions on building. Trust me, Journeygurl is growing. 

Thanks for standing by me, walking with me and supporting me. I'll be thinking of you. ✌🏻️💜😏

Peace and love

Friday, November 20, 2015

My Dinner Decisions

Hey folks!
So, let's talk dinner options. As of late, my dinner options have been lacking. Pretty much reduced to beans and potatoes. I'm not complaining! A lot can be done with the two items, but my options are becoming fewer by the day. So I'm so happy to indulge tonight in some yummy slowly cooked kale greens. Slow cooker style, seasoned to perfection and perfect for a night like tonight when snow is expected and winter is about to catch an attitude!!   This was one of my most recent videos that I've wanted to upload to share with you guys for My Colorful Plate. When I'm switching it up this is the direction I go for sure, slow cooker vegan. 4-5 hours and you're eating a delicious, soul stirring meal. Yum!  I added onions to mine. I just love onions. Next time I'll add potatoes for additional volume. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Journeygurl Sightings!

So, you've been looking for Vegan Journeygurl? 

I'm taking my sweet time recording new content?

I'm sorry for the delay guys and gals but it is simply something that is out of my hands at the moment. While I get things situated on my end, don't hesitate to enjoy my old videos on YouTube! For new and upcoming content check me out on Instagram at IAMJOURNEYGURL, yes all one word. There you'll find my latest updates on food, vegan products and poetry. Instagram is my most regularly updated social media site, so in order to keep up with Vegan Journeygurl and The Journeygurl Nation, run on over to Instagram at IAMJOURNEYGURL and follow! Thanks for your continued support, love and for always being the number one boss people!! I'm so honored to be able to share my journey of struggles, pain, triumphs and, eventually, conquering weight loss and health with a vegan lifestyle ✌🏻️😏💜

Friday, October 9, 2015

Catching A Breath

So peeps! 
Lately I've returned to a passion I hadn't been so committed to for a long time. I found some inspiration and somehow it has found its way back into my every breath. Spoken word. Poetry. Writing and sharing. I'm so renewed in it that I literally feel like I'm back home, nestled in my covers and propped up on comfy pillows. May only be temporary, who knows! But as the "vegan Journeygurl " I feel the need to explain myself before bombarding you with unfamiliar things. I'm sharing. Not only vegan things but so much more. I hope you like, share and vibe well. If not, I'm sorry. Vegan goodies to return soon 😜.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Run The World

The power of persuasion is in the womanly form. I say this with all the confidence in the world. As I know my swiftness is admired often and even on my worse day, I captivate. 
It is in the sway of hips, curvature of lips
The smile in which I carry so proudly 
And the softness of my touch. 
An open heart, no secrets. 
A grateful spirit, Mother Earth and the universe remain pleased and continue the reward my obedience.

I am destined to be great, my platform is not yet complete. 
I lose myself in the monotony of menial, less important things but I am constantly brought back to the bigger picture of my journey. 

I am the commodity. Not to be shared, passed around or talked about. 

Yes I say that with pride. To delve into the deep waters of my ocean are not only a gift but an honor that only a few have swam. Be proud, honored. 

I am...therefore I stand proud. 

In all my womanness. Forbidden fruit and subliminal messages perfectly placed in the confines of my confident stride. Watch me walk away and receive my message.  

I am in my queendom, I am ethereal, floating on a light beam. Embracing my curves, solidifying my strength. 

I am the option.